2021 In Three Words

Hope, Unity, Growth

When I look at what the future holds in 2021 I see a lot of hope. For me personally, I’m hopefully going to head off to college and start an experience that I will cherish forever. The covid vaccine is also giving the world a lot of hope as we try to overcome this terrible virus. We look to get back to regular life and do the things we all love doing as humans; hanging out with friends and relatives, going on trips, going to sports events, and mainly just being able to live life in general. I am hopeful this year will bring us great success and the ability to get back to normalcy.

After all the destruction that has occured to our nation in the last months, we as a country need to unite and come together in 2021. It’s the only way we’re going to be able to move past these issues and rebuild. We are all stronger together than we are separately. The stronger our people and country are, the more stronger and successful our economy will be.

As I enter the adult stage of my life I am growing everyday. I am growing wiser, stronger, smarter, and more successful. I am also growing more mature and realizing how to cope with the things that come with being an adult. I have a lot more responsibility now than when I was just a little kid.


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