ISO “Piece of Advice”

“Laziness won’t get you anywhere in life,” my dad always tells me. He always says it when he feels like my grades aren’t doing that well or when he tries to make an example of it. I always try to comprehend what he says. But after hearing him say it so many times, it flew right past my ears. I thought little of it since I was a kid and only cared about having fun or hanging out with friends, but that changed quickly. 

It was a fresh Monday morning, time for a good start to the week. I was finishing packing my backpack as I opened my phone and checked google classroom. As I was scrolling through, checking on one assignment I had to turn in that day, it came across my eyes. Chapter 4 Test Today. My heart dropped the second I read it. It felt like all the blood had rushed out of my head. I had completely forgotten about it. Instead of spending my weekend studying and preparing for the test, I laid around the house, relaxed, and hung out with friends. I was screwed. I finished packing my bag, went downstairs, put my shoes on, then bolted out the door. I needed as much time to study as I could, so I rushed straight to school. I ran into my class as soon as I parked. 

I got to my desk, then looked at the clock and noticed I only had 10 minutes before class started. I grabbed out my notebook and engaged in the material. My legs were shaking, my hands were sweating, and all I could think about was how I’m going to fail this test. Not even realizing everyone coming into class, the last bell rang. I was defeated already. I knew nothing even after trying to cram. The teacher passed out the tests row by row. My anxiety was growing as the closer she got to me. I almost felt like I was going to pass out. The teacher handed me the test and immediately looked through it; I didn’t know a single thing. I wasn’t scared because of the test anymore. I already accepted the fact that I was going to fail it. I was nervous because of what my dad was going to think when he saw the grade I was going to get. Accepting defeat, I turned my test in and went back to my desk with my head down. The rest of the day I couldn’t focus on school because I was worried about what my parent’s reaction was going to be. 

After school, I drove home with the thought of just admitting to my parents that I failed my test. It’d be better if they hear it from me instead of finding out through PowerSchool. I pulled into my driveway, hesitantly got out of the car, and walked into my house. For some reason, my dad was home, which made nothing better. After I walked through the door, I put my bag down and sat in the living room next to my parents. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. After clearing my throat, I turned to them and said, “I failed my math test today.” 

    My dad turned to me with a grimacing look on his face and said, “Are you kidding me?” 

    My face turned red, my hands sweating, and I thought in my head, “I wish I had studied.”


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