Letter to My Younger Self

Dear little Max,

Ever since you were born you were surrounded by the game of hockey. Dad always watched Hockey Night in Canada with Don Cherry and his amazing suits every saturday night. You fought the urge of falling asleep to stay awake and watch the Canadians play the Leafs. It was the highlight of the weekend for you. Ever since dad put you on skates when you were 4, you loved the game of hockey. I know how much you loved skating on the frozen ponds every winter with the neighbors. When you were on your first hockey team Coach Don was the man who meant the most to you. He was the one who showed you how to play the game of hockey. I know how much it meant to your when you made your fist travel team in Lakeland. You were so excited to be able to play higher level hockey and excel. Mom and dad were always your biggest supporters and took you all over the state to watch you play the game you love. You knew you were good but you didn’t know exactly how good. When all the coaches and parents told you to go play AAA you didn’t believe them because you were scared that you weren’t good enough. You missed out on a real good opportunity to succeed in the game you love. Dad also got you into the game of golf. You found a real good balance between playing golf in the summer and playing hockey in the winter. Playing golf with your friends was something you really loved to do. Those late evening rounds with dad and grandpa were memories you knew you were going to cherish forever. You did good in school but dad got on you a couple times for being a bit lazy. Laziness was something dad hated and you took that to heart.


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